• Every student must carry his/ her ALMANAC to school daily.
  • Every student must wear clean and tidy school uniform.
  • While going to the assembly or their respective classes, students should maintain perfect discipline.
  • Students should look upon their school –mates as brothers and upon their teacher as superiors.
  • Students are reminded to address the teachers and the member of the staff with due respect and politeness.
  • No one can leave school premises without the permission of the principal. The observance of the regulation is of vital importance for safety of the children and for school discipline.
  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil name.
  • Any damages to school property must be remitted at the cost of the person responsible for the damages.
  • All books, periodicals, comics and the like, as well as newspapers, other than item mentioned in school booklist must be presented to the principal for approval and may be retained in the school and read only if they bear the principal’s signature.
  • To write or draw on the chalkboard (expect when called upon to do so) to write words offensive, to soil walls or maps or anything else, absolutely be avoided.
  • Take great care of your text books and other belongings. Beware of appropriating your neighbour’s property even of it be the smallest things. If you find a lost article give it at once to the school office.
  • Keep the floor by allowing no paper or ink to fall on it. Cleanliness and purity of soul are reflected by clean and neat exterior.
  • Speak no ill of your mates, or of the discipline of management of the school. Everyone is free to remain or not to remain in the school.
  • Always speak well of you, your parents, your teacher and your school.

About the West Point School

West Point school one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Bankura. The school started its operations in the Year 2001 and has been regarded as one of the best boarding schools in Bankura, West Bengal.

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